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I'm alone, on my own, and that's all I know
My RED Tour Experience This is like 95% Taylor, so sorry if that bothers you. "No matter what happens in life, be good to people; being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind"- Taylor Swift 08.01.09 03.18.10. 7.20.11. 7.19.13. 7.20.13.


Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break

breathe me / sia




so in honor of reaching 1k followers i decided to make a follow forever type thing. i just want you guys to know how much i love seeing your sexyness all over my dash im gonna start off with the holycats! you guys are my fucking buddies and i love you all so much. i cant wait for the day we all meet!cindy. i relate to you on a whole different level like we share the same feels about college and life its incredible! Your snapchats are the greatest thing ever and they make my days brighter. i feel like i can talk to you about anything, youre always there for me and i appreciate it. ill always be there for you too, okay?? i cant wait to hang out with you september 13th!!liz. you chocolate fiend you! youre so funny liz, it is never a dull conversation with you. im glad we can give each other a ton of shit and just laugh about it. im also really glad that you trust me enough to share you problems with me and i want you to know that i truly cherish our friendship.lyndsey. oh my little bongo, how i love you so! your times roman numeral electricites me like nothing else! i seriously have the best time talking to you even if its just you making weird noises on the phone or you showing me around your science class while we facetime. youre super fun to talk to and youre always ready to pity laugh at my jokes and i just really appreciate that.maria. WHO THE FUCK U!!!! maria omfg your rapping is like the most badass thing ever I cant even. your text posts about me always make me smile. i am proud of that 99% creep rate. i love hearing about your crushes and how your day went. remember to tell me if i need to bury some bitches or castrate some stupid boys for you okay?marie. my little corn loving friend YOURE SO FREAKING CUTE! your song writing skills amaze me and I looooove hearing you play and sing (especially with lyndsey!). thank you for sharing your music with me, i know its very personal stuff. i feel honored every time i am blessed to read or hear something new from you. youre gonna be famous!!taylor. first of all, i just want to thank you for hosting tinychats and inviting me to them because i wouldnt have met everyone if it wasnt for you. youre one of my favorite people to talk to, you just really get me and my sense of humor. your reactions to the things i say always make me laugh. youre just such a hoot like i am constantly laughing when i talk to you. im really glad we’ve gotten to know eachother and i hope we get to meet soon. (bold = fav) #-h1989swift | 1989taylorswift | 50shadesoftaylorswift | amilionlittleshiningstars | amourfalls | andifeelperfectlyfine | andwebothcried | andyoucallmeupagain  | apenandanoldnapkin | aperfectllygoodheart | babydontbreakmyheartslow | backtodecembber | befearlesslivered | bemyoldselfagain | blushingallthewayshome | breakburnandends | breakingdowncomingundone | butlovinghimwasred | casuallyfearless | classy-swiftie | colldasyou | colorsinautumn | comebackbehere | comesbacktomeburningred | comingeasily | dancinroundthekitchen | darksbluetennessee | desperatlyinlovewithyou | dirtytaylorswift | dressuplikehipsters | drinkingmaplelattes | dropeverythingsnow | echo-among-us | enchantedswift13 | enchanthed | everswift | everythinhaschanged | eyesopen | eyesopenkattniss | eyesoutoffocus | faultinourswift | feariess | fearlass | feelslikeaperfectnight | findmebakingcookiesatnight | firstglance-reminiscing | flashbacksandechoes | flashbackssandechoes | flashbcksandechoes | gettingsweptaways | girlnextdooritis13 | givethescarfbackgyllenhaal | goldenageofsomethingood | gotyourdemons | graylor13 | hairflipqueen | highestshopes | hipstertswift | hislipsclosetomine | hopingyouwonderaboutme i-r ialmostdo | idgobacktodecember | ifreakinlovetaylorswift | iknewbrucewaynewastrouble | ileftmyscarfthere | inatwinsizedbed | innocentlytreacherous | inthenameofbeinghonests | itwasburningred | itwasthemomentiknew | iwantmyeffingscarfback | iwantmyscarfback | justagirlinthedress | kaleidoscopeofourmemories | kissinbarsyoufool | knowyoubetter | leadmeouttothefloor | leadsmeupthestaircase | likeafireworkshow | likehomesomehow | likepeicesintoplace | longlive-theluckyone | longlivetayqueen | longlivethegayswiftie | longtheywillwait | loving-you-was-red | madeofstarlight | makingmefeelike | makingupforlosttime | mamaswiftie | middleofsayingsomething | myblueeyesshined | andthefadedpictures | neverbeenanywhere-cold-as-you | nevereverlikeever | neverggrowup | nineteenstooyoung | noscarfswift | notalotgoingonathemoment | notfineatalll | nowimmarapstar | oldselfsagain | onehandfeel| ourprincesswift | outofocuseyetoeye | paintsabluesky | firstkissflawless | pieceofpaperlyinghere | plaidswiftdays | putyourlipsontomine | radbeautifultragic | redtour | rightandreal | riskanothergoodbye | rollinginthesheep | rosesandis-y scarletletterswift | seenyourcolorfade | shouldvessaidno | sparkleswift | speak-nows | speakswiftlynow | staytaylorstay | stoodthereandwatched | supermaleswiftie | sweeranlovestory | swfties | swift-harmony | swiftsstalker | swiftsswiffer | swiftystaylor | swingofyourstep | taehyungsfavoritenoona | takeawaythepains | takingitssweettime | taxicabsandbusystreets-13 | tayloralisonurie | taylors-ass | taylorsdancing | taylorswiftisnotimpressed | taylorswiftordie13 | taylorswizzie | tayswifth | thatgirlinredlipstick | the1realthingyouveeverknown | thelookonyourface | themomenticanseeit | thestarsthatshined | thisdaydreamsdangerous | thisfightisworthwhile | thosegeorgiastarstoshame | throughthedoorwithyou | timeerasingyou | tiredlonelyplace | totallyswifted | tsweezys | tswiftbitch | waitingthereevenwhenitscold | walkslikeswift | wealmostbrokeup | wednesdayinacafes | whenyouthinktimmcgraws | wouldtheymakethisblogforyou | xloveswift | youchangedtherules | youkeepmyoldscarf | youngtobemessedwith | yourememberitalltoowell | yourselfatmydoor | youucantgetridofit
swiftrecords replied to your post“tomorrow is going to SUCK. doctor nutritionist current event…”
what do you do when you see a nutritionist?
well idk if you’re talking about just seeing a nutritionist just because? but i’m seeing one because they are on my recovery team and they work with my doctors. so last week we talked about my habits and how it’s affecting me like making me exhausted, not focused or motivated, and like irritable and other stuff. she gave me a meal plan of what i should be eating each day and how often i should be eating. she told me proper portion sizes. we talked about what i eat for a ‘normal’ day and feelings about food. uhm we talked a lot and she was saying how it’s okay if i don’t follow it and she’s not there to make me do anything and i go back tomorrow because she wanted to see me if i followed it or not. idk what tomorrow is going to be like because i didn’t follow the plan at all and i figured out the calorie content because i’m not stupid and i know i’m just going to get obsessive over it if i wanted to try it and it would just be a lose lose situation. 

I never realized how overdramatic Zac Efron was until Tumblr. 

tomorrow is going to SUCK.

  • doctor
  • nutritionist
  • current event presentation
  • 40 minute group presentation
  • huge ass paper due that i’ve been working on all semester due

hipsta please


i :) am :) so :) stressed :) about :) everything :) all :) the :) time :)

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