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I MET TAYLOR ON OCTOBER 3, 2014 AT HER NYC APARTMENT FOR THE 3rd 1989 LISTENING SESSION. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. I HELD OLIVIA AND AT A COOKIE FROM TAY. taylor followed me on 9.25.14 (: "No matter what happens in life, be good to people; being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind"- Taylor Swift 08.01.09 03.18.10. 7.20.11. 7.19.13. 7.20.13.

10.3.14 <3

"everybody here was someone else before"


this hits me hard. this is what i want. i want somewhere new where no one knows who i am or my past and i just want a new start. i want a clean slate. i want to start over.

i just need to figure out how.

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taylorswift thank you so much for this song and for including us in it. x.iii. october third. also 13. the best day of my life. i cant get over the fact that you welcomed us into your home in New York and it’s just so special. you literally welcomed us to NYC. this song and album will forever have a special meaning to me and i honestly can’t thank you enough for it and that experience. thank you for giving me this happy memory whenever i will hear Welcome to New York. thank you for my new friends, now dubbed the W2NY Squad. thank you for making my life. i am so happy that you are happy and i am so proud of you and this album and for being the best person and role model out there. i love you so much.
words can’t describe how much i miss you and how much i wish i could talk to you right now.

i miss taylorswift and that night so much. i am beyond grateful for it. but i guess i thought everything would magically be better afterwards. i desperately want it to be. i’m trying so hard to cling on to that feeling of pure joy and the words that were said to me. i just want all of these bad feelings gone and to be better again. sending you a tumblr hug. xx.

remembering what you said to me

taylorswift could you please please PLEASE let me know if you got my letter at the SS? i honestly feel so stupid for forgetting to tell you everything, name included. you mean so much to me and i just want you to know some of the things you have helped me with and how you have impacted my life.

sorry for bombarding you, but taylorswift i reallllly need to know if you were given my letter. please. i miss you so much.


So I’m a hostess at an Italian restaurant and we tend to do a lot of carry-outs. I got a phone call tonight from “Becky”. I printed her ticket so it would be ready when she got there, and decided this was the only way to cater to a Becky. I had to do it really fast, but I knew she needed some help. She might be too high to remember to pre-buy anyway. taylorswift I will shamelessly promote to to the ends of the earth girl.

taylorswift this was risky and adventurous for me to do at work girl. Please notice.
"I ruined myself for a lot of people that werent even worth it"
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ofloudheartbeat asked: Babe are you alright?

i dont know to be completely honest. trying to be.


michaporro replied to your post “anyone know how to get out of the really shitty body image? it’s been…”

go 4 a thoughtfull run, put some make up on just 4 u, u have short hair just like i do & 2 me it helps 2 shower & do funny hairstyles with the shampoo & look at them in a mirror, tell urself on the morning that u’re beautiful (yes. out loud) :)

thank you


comemorningslight replied to your post “anyone know how to get out of the really shitty body image? it’s been…”

splurge on new make-up, change into sweats or leggings, stay away from mirrors for a little while (nothing good is coming from it anyways), make some tea, listen to taylor, journal about what’s going on right now that may be causing this x

thank you, sarah.


anyone know how to get out of the really shitty body image? it’s been since saturday and i feel gigantic and gross and i just want the feelings to go away. 


in case you needed reminding: if you don’t fight it you can’t beat it, if you keep fighting, you will



my friend just told me “the way you talk about taylor swift makes it sound like she’s your best friend” she IS my best friend bitch

can’t forget people saying, “you talk about Taylor Swift like you know her.”  I DO KNOW HER BITCH.

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"Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. I’m sorry."
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